CBD is the latest health craze. You can find it almost anywhere. It’s a natural way to relieve anxiety, and everyone seems to be taking it. Parents take it, and they give it to their kids as well—but why are parents turning to CBD oil for anxiety, and is it truly safe to do so?

The short answer is simple. CBD oil is a natural product that is as effective as tranquilizers but without the side effects. Medical marijuana is approved for use to treat epilepsy in children, so dosing kids with this substance is nothing new. Still, anything involving drugs and children is a serious issue requiring intentional thought.

Is CBD Oil Safe to Give to My Kids?

CBD is just one compound in the cannabis plant. It may make your child a little sleepy, but it’s not going to get them high. The element that does that is THC, and legally CBD oil can’t contain more than trace amounts of THC.

As long as you choose a reputable supplier who is manufacturing a pure product, you should be safe. Check out HMHB’s best-of guide to help you out in that regard.

Despite its legality and low THC content, this is still a very new industry. There simply hasn’t been time to monitor the effects of long-term usage on anyone—let alone children.

That said, the Food and Drug Administration has approved a marijuana-based pharmaceutical for use in treating epilepsy in children. They have indicated that they are cautiously optimistic about the future of this product.

What’s most appealing about CBD oil is that it has few side effects. It’s not going to get your kid high, so it’s a step up from pharmaceuticals like Valium. Studies have further shown that the body can process large doses of CBD, which means there’s no risk of overdose.


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